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people who say they’re into BBC stuff but they don’t even know this smooth operator


let me do the way of the warrior

Please, Amy. You are not allowed to leave like this. You are my Best Dead Friend Forever, okay? Forever, that is non-negotiable.

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Tell me what you want. I’ll do everything I can to give it to you. 
Because there’s what I believe… and then there’s you.

I’m weak too. I can’t get through this without somebody to touch, without somebody to love. Is that because sex numbs the pain or is it because I’m some evil fuck monster? I don’t know. But I do know that I was somebody before I came in here. I was somebody with a life that I chose for myself and now, now it’s just about getting through the day without crying. And I’m scared. I’m still scared. I’m scared that I’m not myself in here and I’m scared that I am. Other people aren’t the scariest part of prison, Dina. It’s coming face-to-face with who you really are. Because once you’re behind these walls there’s no where to run, even if you could run. 

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All of Leslie’s compliments to Ann

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the best 12 seconds of the entire high school musical trilogy

You’ll be back by three, won’t you?

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But then suddenly something’s different. You feel the wind on the tips of your fingers, and the rain. Because before that you’re not really sure where you are but… but now you know. And you’re pushing through and then all this stuff at once. The moon and this incredible storm blowing. And the clock chiming midnight and you’re just standing there. N o b o d y else around.


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"harry james potter," harry said, "you were named after the bravest man i ever knew. it was me. i’m awesome." [x]


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Being human.