I always knew we were one in a million and now we got the proof.




  • liking a piece of media does not automatically mean you think it is perfect or agree with its creators
  • even if you are not openly critical of it
  • because you don’t HAVE to be openly critical of it
  • there is an enormous difference between being an apologist for something and wanting to dwell on the good parts of a thing you like because it makes you happy, please stop conflating these two things
  • not talking about the flaws of a thing does not mean you do not recognize the flaws of a thing
  • nobody has to apologize for liking what they like and nobody should be shamed for liking a thing
  • your fave is problematic too
  • also
  • you are not a better person than someone just because your favorite piece of media is less problematic than theirs
  • you aren’t


Dude, yes.

Added to: just because I don’t talk about it on Tumblr, doesn’t mean I don’t talk about it at all. Just means I choose my area of discourse. 

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“Let’s just say he deserves our gratitude.”


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"Ann is the greatest human being ever invented."

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Harry Potter + Soundtrack

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"I didn’t do anyting wrong. All I know is I saw two people struggling to get inside these walls and they couldn’t make it. To ignore that because of some stupid rule seemed selfish, cowardly, and… well, stupid. If you want to throw me in jail for trying to save someone’s life, then go ahead. Next time I promise I’ll point at them and laugh, then go eat some of Frypan’s dinner."

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#except for that one kitchen girl #that kinda looked like Arya Stark #she was chill

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Amy Pond aka the biggest fangirl of all time and space.

"Gina, I’ve got a problem. This game is starting to affect my work."

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Thor deleted scene


“I told James to perform that walk as if he had a bit of a hard on. Sometimes my directions, my notes to the actors are very intellectual and sometimes you just have to come out with a very basic, simple note like, ‘play this scene with a hard on’. “

Dir. Joe Wright, Atonement commentary

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the love that binds us
is more important than
the power we wield
morgana had forgotten that

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@marvel Flattery will get you nowhere! Probably. Maybe. *looks the other way* 

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